About Us



FLOTE is the brainchild of a couple that grew up on a Pennsylvania river and a San Diego beach who brought their love of the outdoors into a lifestyle brand that embraces the community in which we live and the vibe of floating. FLOTE is located in stunning Steamboat Springs, CO, where our office overlooks majestic mountain passes and the free-flowing Yampa River. Our collections consist of unique designs of function and style, bringing Mountain life and Beach life together. Unique designs of trucker hats, beanies, boonies, surf hats, and cowboy river hats, along with many other complimentary apparel.

Our Backyard & Beyond

The early years of our life created the love to float and the Yampa Valley brought all this passion to a head. Life on the river, the lakes that surround us and the deep fluffy snow of the region encompasses our very being. Outside the valley floor we travel the world boating the turquoise waters of the Bahamas, surfing the perfect curl in Costa Rica and paddle boarding to amazing hidden beaches of un-named islands. Back at home it is the community that pulls this adventure together. The common love for all things Steamboat and the giving nature of those who live here give us the passion to Inspire, Play, Relax and Give Back…. FLOTE!

Doing It the Right Way

All of our collections will embody the fine details and quality that every consumer should expect. From our stylized branded hat to the functional cowboy river hat, we will spend endless hours making sure the style is attractive, the fit is perfect and the design is on-point.

The Give Back

It is one thing to have an idea, it is another to make it happen. We believe in the passion that drives a person to push for the next great adventure. May it be dropping in on that big line, taking the rapid head on or reaching really far back in the cooler for that last beer. Whatever your challenge is that day, it’s the passion that makes you be your best. Our passion is to give back!

In March 2020 as the world changed our family changed too. The lady of the house was diagnosed with Leukemia and given one week to live unless we started treatment immediately. Life was in the balance. After 6 weeks in the hospital and 9 months of intense treatment, she was finally cleared of all cancer. During this time the local community and our friends around the country stepped up ways that we never could have imagined. We knew that Steamboat is a give first town and the people around us overdelivered with love. During this time we learned to Receive, we learned to say Thank You, and now we are learning to Give Back. We all know the outdoor industry markets how they give and how much they care. FLOTE is not your normal outdoor apparel company. Our goal is to give as much as we receive. Cancer centers, individuals in need, environmental non-profits, scholarships for our youth and much, much more. FLOTE is our Give Back! We hope you come along for the ride!